Why Ways to Well-Being?

Primarily I am a yoga teacher, but my practice has expanded over the years to encompass alternative ways to relaxation and well-being. They are all routes that I have found hugely beneficial to maintain equilibrium in a busy and unstable world. I began teaching because I wanted to help other people to reap the benefits- physically, mentally and spiritually. The timeless wisdom of yoga and its related offshoots are a rich resource of support to help us navigate through life.


I encourage my students to take their yoga off their mats and into their daily lives. As a teacher I bring my life – my interests and experiences- into my classes. Quotes, illustrations and concepts from books, art exhibitions and plays; insights from chance conversations all make their way into my lessons to inform and illuminate my teaching.


I took up Indian dance to learn more about the beautiful hand mudras/gestures and eye movements that are used in yoga. This has led me on a journey that has deepened my understanding of yoga and traditional teaching methods. The mythology of Indian dance mirrors the philosophies of yoga, and helps me to envisage the dance of atoms that unites us into one universal whole at any given moment.


Mission Mantra