A very successful laughter session today as part of Newcastle University’s MBA programme. It came on the heels of a lecture about reflexivity/self-reflection – important tools in the business world.

The group of 28 international students were willing participants and their obvious enjoyment was infectious!

There was some interesting feedback in the debrief afterwards. It was unanimously agreed that they had experienced spontaneous laughter during the session.

One participant said she could feel the endorphins released.

Another, who had experienced laughter groups in India, said today’s session was ‘very professional’.

A great point was made that the students could use what they learnt today to help them recognise stress building up in themselves and others and perhaps just start the ‘ho ho’ chant to remind each other to step back and breathe.

I did my own bit of self reflection post-class, observing that I was actually amused today by the Halloween ‘Spooky Voice’ self-service till in Poundland.

Ahh, the power of laughter endorphins!!



Horse to Hyperloop, Cooper’s Studios, Newcastle

Great former horse auction mart, now a grade 2 listed building (it being the last of its kind in the country). There’s a brief history of transport, and a chance to send a canister through a spaghetti junction of clear Plexiglas tubing. Awesome fun!

Can’t for the life of me make a link with yoga out of this one though…unless we start talking about the Siddhis…the yogic powers…




Couldn’t resist popping into the library next door to the art gallery. Came home with several yoga books. One promised Even The Stiffest People Can Do The Splits.

I might take the challenge!!


Everything Nothing, Sumit Sarkar, The Gallery, Gateshead Library

Great digital manga style images of Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, including a 3D printed model of Shiva holding the fire of destruction, the drum of creation and crushing the demon of ignorance with his foot. We do some lovely yoga poses based on these three Hindu gods.

There was also a painting titled Indian Head Massage. Very sadistic! Nothing like my Indian head massages!