Incorporating Salute to the Moon in this week’s classes, to celebrate 50 years of the moon landing.

Reading a great book, Moondust by Andrew Smith, all about the astronauts and space travel 30 years on. Some profound insights into our place in the universe.

Puts it all in perspective.


Great class yesterday! Plenty of genuine laughter! And the Remote Control Laugh is taking shape!


Life is like a camera:

Focus on what’s important, capture the good times, look at things from a different viewpoint, develop the negatives, and if it doesn’t work out, take another shot.

Top Tip No.15

A useful ice-breaker is to ask a room full of people where north is. Then sit back and watch the human compass go crazy!


Tonight’s class got a chance to practice the preparation steps of the 8 angle pose. I waited till they’d done these before showing them a photo of what the final pose can look like. Lots of interest in what it would actually involve, and were his feet really off the ground?!

Plus there was a sense of achievement in what we’d done just by practising some simple moves.



Real sense of achievement last week with the Age Uk group finally putting together all the elements of the full Sun Salutation. I’ve spent six years saying we’ll do it and the group has worked towards it all this term. A well deserved 10 minute relaxation to finish with!!

Yoga 4 Faces

This month’s Yoga 4 Faces is on 29th June, i.e. the 5th Saturday of the month this time.