Cycling through the morning/afternoon/evening sessions again as they have proved quite popular. Warrior can set you up for the challenges of the day, dove can be a gentle backbend in the afternoon and rolling your foot over a ball and practising the fascia release sequence is said to be good to do in the evening.


This week’s yoga looked at ways and means of putting together a morning practice. The joint warm up always a goodie in the morning. And I have been reliably informed that the Egyptian Sun Salute can be fitted in while the kettle is boiling.

We’ll be looking at afternoon and evening practices in the coming weeks.

Yoga 4 Faces

Really nice session today, with some classical yoga postures incorporating the face and head – cat (with some vibrational purring), dog and lion. We also did some eye exercises, the Face Twist, Face Plank and the Face Sun Salute. Yoga 4 Faces – does what it says on the tin!


Bit of a beach theme to today’s session. Bit of kite-flying, bit of beach ball, a variety of waves…and still time for Superman and a milkshake!

We also got a chance to try out the remote control duel which worked a treat! Big thanks to the guy who came up with that at the Improv Festival!


This week we are thinking about Prana, the life-force or energy (the yoga equivalent of chi or qi).

Students have been breathing with the focus on the very tip of the nostrils. Think of the nostrils as a special boundary where air turns to life-force.


Norwich aug


There’s a squeaky floorboard at Springfield Community Centre that is a bit of a running joke because it’s in a different place each week. Yesterday, however, it excelled itself and made itself heard all over the hall, all at the same time!

It’s got quite a character, that floorboard, and is definitely part of the group!!