Been to two exhibitions about Space in the last few days. Really comprehensive with slightly different takes on a vast theme.

The Word in South Shields contrasted Science Fact with Science Fiction, while the Science and Media Museum in Bradford covered the different media used to capture images – from drawing/painting, cameras on the moon, Mars rovers taking selfies to space telescopes looking out into the distant universe.

There was loads more to both exhibitions. Well recommended. And yes, it is relevant to yoga – all about being one with the universe.

If nothing else it will improve your visualisation in the Galaxy Relaxation.

Laughter: Improv Festival

Saturday’s Laughter session for Newcastle’s Improv Festival was a roaring success! Some crazy takes on the Milk A Cow Laugh!! Someone came up with a great idea for the Remote Control Laugh. It involved duelling…

People recognised that they felt completely different at the end of the session. That’ll have been those endolphins swimming round the bloodstream! All from just a bit of breathing, movement and ha ha ha.


The laughter session for the Improvisation Festival is tomorrow!

12-1pm Alphabetti Theatre.

Plenty of scope for improvisation!





The Five Elements breath topped the requests this week!  A lovely meditative sequence incorporating fire, metal, earth, wood and water.

Top tip No.16

This might take time, but start building up now and it could come in handy for next year’s heatwave.

Sit up tall away from the back of the seat when on public transport. It lets the air circulate round your back, and works your core muscles. If you’re not used to using your core you will want to slump pretty quickly. That’s ok. Keep practising and the muscles will gradually strengthen.

It really only works when the bus or train is actually moving, and I haven’t tried it in rush hour… but worth a try?


Lesson plans out of the window this week, thanks to the heat! Lots of cooling breaths, legs up wall and lying down trees…