I went along to the launch weekend at Roseanna Grace Physiotherapy in Jesmond on Saturday. This clinic specialises in pelvic floor health and I wanted to ensure I’m teaching my students correctly and with the most up to date information. I learnt a lot from the helpful director Roseanna. 80% of women perform pelvic floor exercises incorrectly, often engaging the glutes and the abdomen. It’s very subtle. And best done on the outbreath.

It’s generated some interesting conversations with various people, ranging from those who think it’s just about squeezing (and pulling a face!) and those who wonder if once a year is enough!!

(N.B. Conversations about pelvic floors generate a lot of giggles…perhaps it should be a key part of the laughter sessions, for several reasons…!!)


Good fun had by all on Saturday. My personal favourite this month was the Seven League Boots, and the extended Namaste laugh!


Laughter is on this Saturday. Spring fun and frivolity!

As it is a change of date to normal please let me know if you are planning on coming.


Covered a class for another teacher on Monday. As we saluted the sun we all looked up to the ceiling/sun and saw a unicorn helium balloon bobbing about next to the shuttlecocks and footballs(?!). Egyptian sun salutation promptly became Salute to the Unicorn!


Started the Pranayama course on Saturday. Currently doing a daily practice to improve the 3 part yogic breath. Proving quite hard to isolate the different lobes of the lungs, but finding that visualisation (and patience!) helps.

News update

Please note the change in date for laughter this month. Saturday 9th March.

There is also a change in April – Saturday 13th April.


This week’s teaching point focused on how our feet are our foundation. Engage and awaken your feet and the rest of the posture can be built upon them. We practised a balancing twist, rising up onto the toes and turning. It looked simple but wasn’t!

It became much easier once students widened the balls of their feet and spread out their toes.