I will be studying the Pranayama module this year, hopefully learning new ways to impart breathing techniques in my classes.


A festive session to end the year. We invented new names for Santa’s reindeer (Rasher and Gnasher to name but two), and did some very nifty juggling with invisible Brussel sprouts!


Playing With Time by Alice Highet and Dr Beth Bromley and Scaling The Heights by Stephen Livingstone

Two for the price of one at the Oriental Museum in Durham!

Playing With Time used just three simple exhibits to get visitors thinking about the nature and physics of time. A highly magnified photograph of household dust (a prime example of entropy) was turned into a kaleidoscope to encourage people to think of the present moment as an ever changing snapshot of multiple elements.

Scaling The Heights was a hilarious photographic/book/installation using action men figures to recreate famous mountain climbs. Their mountains were the books and bookshelves in notable mountaineering libraries.

My challenge is to weave that into this week’s yoga classes!


Fragmented Line by Andrea Roberts, Newcastle Arts Centre

Using line drawings of trees, textiles and ordnance survey maps Roberts makes links between the fractal patterns of trees and branches, the paths and contours of maps and the bronchioles and arteries of the human body.

“Trees are a metaphor for the human body.”

Useful imagery for deepening awareness of the respiratory, circulatory and nervous systems in yoga postures. The breath comes into the bronchial tree and spreads out through the bloodstream. We can follow the network of vessels in our mind and locate any part of our body on this fine and delicate map.