Bit of a beach theme to today’s session. Bit of kite-flying, bit of beach ball, a variety of waves…and still time for Superman and a milkshake!

We also got a chance to try out the remote control duel which worked a treat! Big thanks to the guy who came up with that at the Improv Festival!


This week we are thinking about Prana, the life-force or energy (the yoga equivalent of chi or qi).

Students have been breathing with the focus on the very tip of the nostrils. Think of the nostrils as a special boundary where air turns to life-force.


Norwich aug


There’s a squeaky floorboard at Springfield Community Centre that is a bit of a running joke because it’s in a different place each week. Yesterday, however, it excelled itself and made itself heard all over the hall, all at the same time!

It’s got quite a character, that floorboard, and is definitely part of the group!!


Classes will resume next week.

Tuesday at Freelance Dance Studio in Jesmond 12-1pm, cost £6 drop-in.

Wednesday at Springfield Community Centre in Forest Hall 1-2pm,  Age UK class, cost £2.50 drop-in.