Final week of chakras. This week how to recognise when a chakra is overactive, and how to use yoga practices to pacify the energy. The Dru yoga heart exercise was a lovely way to remind ourselves to receive a bit of self-love if we tend to always be doing things for others. And we combined the chin lock of downward dog with the simple fascia sequence to encourage inward communication – rather than non-stop talking!!


Another week learning about chakras. So far we have covered their location, colour and quality. But you might be thinking what’s the point?

So this week we’ve been thinking about using postures to activate chakras if you feel you are spaced out/insecure, stuck in a rut/got writer’s block, lacking motivation, feeling emotionally blocked/lonely, feeling verbally repressed, lacking insight or losing sight of the big picture.

Feedback on the session has been very positive. Homework (!)is to think about what happens when you maybe have excess energy in these areas…


Still on the subject of chakras. I ended the classes this week chanting the sounds of the chakras for the relaxation. Several people commented on the end how effective it had been. It sent some drifting off and others experienced the sound resonating in their body.

‘Can you come round to my house and send me off to sleep?’ was one request!


The chakra theme has been continuing over the last few weeks. This week we practised candle gazing for the eyebrow chakra and Prana Mudra for the crown chakra. I got Tuesday’s class all set up, hands up to the sky – ‘Connect to the Universe’ I instructed. Right on cue someone’s mobile went off – playing harp music!! Couldn’t have timed it better!



Lots of fun with balloons in Monday’s session! And a chance to try out the shaking feet and hands routine. So good I went on to use it for a little warm up in my yoga classes this week!


This week we are looking at the Chakras. We practiced the chakra warm up which is great for quickly balancing all the energy centres. Then there was a more in-depth look at the different postures associated with each chakra. I encouraged students to use the image of a ball of coloured light at each chakra point, explaining that it is a point of focus – stops you thinking about what’s for tea or what happened this morning. We finished the session with a chakra relaxation, using visual images and thinking about the qualities of each chakra.

I particularly like the quality of the throat chakra. It’s ‘purifying’ –  in the sense of being mindful of what you say. I once heard another yoga teacher say she uses the following quote:

“Think- Is it necessary? Is it truthful? Is it kind? These three things go through my head before I speak my mind.”


Attended a talk about the menopause yesterday. Interestingly, it said yoga was beneficial- it provides gentle exercise, maintains joint health (and can promote bone density) and can help stabilise the mood swings caused by fluctuating hormones.

Other tips were to wear a variety of loose cotton layers to deal with hot flushes (and use a Dyson mini fan!).

As fruit has a high sugar content it was recommended that we only eat two pieces of fruit as part of our ‘five a day’. Sugar and refined carbs can add to the weight gain commonly associated with the menopause and excess weight can exacerbate the symptoms of the change. Hummus and carrot were suggested as an alternative to fruit snacks.