Walk For Life workshop run by Mary Wyevill for yoga teachers as part of their continual professional development.

Mary is a teacher of the body movement programme Bones For Life, founded by Ruthy Allon. Allon trained in the Feldenkries tradition and has worked with NASA to help astronauts recover their lost bone density after spending time in space. Her work demonstrates that it is possible to regain bone density through movement. She has also spent time in Africa observing the Masai people who have a low incidence of osteoporosis despite having lower overall bone density than people in the West. She concluded that they were protected by their posture and movement patterns.

A lot of the movements in the Bones For Life programme are based on her observations of the Masai tribe, and on developmental movement patterns from childhood and our evolutionary past.

In general the Bones For Life programme encourages the gentle repetition of small, subtle movements that are nevertheless highly effective. They help to bring the body into optimal alignment, which in turn helps us to move more efficiently.

This is the third workshop run by Mary in the region that I have attended, and I often incorporate the Bones For Life teachings into my classes. My students are very familiar with the ‘Lines of Least Resistance’ arm movement and breathing exercise. (Best way to reach for a tin of baked beans on a high shelf!).

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