Coal Forest Trail Woodhorn Colliery Museum, Northumberland

The exhibition encouraged visitors to think about the ancient carboniferous forests of 300 million years ago which decayed, compressed and became coal. Lungs, trees and giant millipedes were just some of the artworks on display. (Who knew that giant millipedes up to 2 metres long once roamed the lands of Northumberland!).

A lovely rose window kaleidoscope of coal related images was accompanied by a plainsong chant of coal facts.

Try dolefully chanting ‘What is coal? Coal is carbon, volatile gases, ash and some waterrr. Carbon is one of the most common elements…’


woodhorn lungs7

Breathing definitely a theme for this year!

This installation by Brass Art featured a pair of inverted lungs/tree. The text panel invited visitors to go out and take a deep breath, hold and then let it go. In the context of miners breathing in toxic fumes, the next breath in felt like the freshest breath of air ever! (Helped by the fact that it was a freezing cold day!)


woodhorn tree6

Become a tree…

Visitors were encouraged to stand in front of this sculpture and feel rooted to the ground, while still able to branch out and grow. It felt great to feel the feet grow heavy and the body correspondingly light.

Lots of tree related yoga postures coming up next week!

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