Pranayama workshop

There was no Yoga 4 Faces this month as I was attending a Pranayama taster workshop led by Philip Xerri.

It was a whistle-stop tour through various breathing practices. The three-part yogic breath was likened to practising scales on the piano – preparation for the tunes/more advanced pranayama exercises.

I particularly liked the Polarity Breath which is meant to harmonize the Koshas or the different levels of the body – the physical body, energy body, mental body, intellectual body and the bliss body. This was performed as a relaxation practice, supposed to realign the body at a cellular level.

Another interesting exercise was Surya Pranayama Mudra. A simple breath and movement exercise acknowledging the sun (surya) as the nourishing centre of our lives. As we stretched our arms forward we visualised the sun resting between our thumbs and then drew its energy into our hearts.

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