Time to reflect on some other events over the past month.


On 29th September Radio 3 did a great programme based on Holst’s Planets suite with Brian Cox introducing each piece of music with science and facts pertaining to that particular planet. It was a really meditative way of listening to Holst’s music.

It inspired me to dig out a newspaper cutting about the image of Earth taken as the Cassini telescope passed by the rings of Saturn. This iconic image is titled, for obvious reasons, The Pale Blue Dot. I showed it to my students that week and they agreed it could put a different perspective on how we view ourselves, our lives, our problems.

I hadn’t realised that NASA had organised people to go out and wave as the camera took the shot!!

The obvious relaxation for that week was the one where we zoom out through the solar system to the outer reaches of the universe…


10th October was Mental Health Awareness day and I delivered a yoga session at Arup Architect’s office in Newcastle. I encouraged participants to consider the concept that less is more; that while it might seem like time-wasting to stop work and do yoga when feeling stressed and overwhelmed, it can actually leave you feeling mentally refreshed and physically recharged.



The monthly session on 6th October had a topical feel. I got the group singing Dancing Queen in laughter language, complete with Theresa May jazz hands. However, in my excitement, I forgot the opening chords, started at the chorus and everyone sang out of sync and out of tune for the duration of the song. No one laughed at the time, but in hindsight it was hysterically bad!!!








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