yoga is the antidote to our busy lives


Hatha yoga is an ancient discipline that enabled practitioners to sit and meditate in order to unite the body and mind with the universe.

Today yoga is the antidote to our busy lives. It is a wonderful non-competitive practice that encourages respect towards ourselves and others.

The regular practice of movement  with breath awareness can help to improve flexibility, strength, energy and concentration.

I teach a gentle, slow paced style of hatha yoga suitable for beginners and intermediates. A short period of relaxation at the end of the class provides the student with techniques leading to physical and mental rest.


laughter releases feel-good endorphins


The Laughter sessions draw on concepts and exercises from Laughter Yoga.

Simple movements combined with laughter words (ha ho hee) and deep breathing mimic the physical elements of laughter. Our bodies can respond as though they have experienced genuine laughter.

Laughter releases feel-good endorphins which can help lift the mood and relieve pain. Beneath the outrageous silliness is the philosophical message of releasing the ego and facing challenges with a positive mindset.

Suitable for all ages and abilities.

Yoga 4 Faces

relax not just the face, but body and mind


These face yoga classes combine a blend of facial exercises, self-massage, acupressure, breathing practices, sound-work and meditations. This programme of activities can help relax not just the face, but body and mind.

Discover amazing links between tongue and posture, skull and breath. Practice traditional yoga exercises for the eyes and tongue. Try out the less traditional Face Sun Salute!

Mainly chair-based, but some traditional yoga postures benefiting the face may be incorporated at the start of the session.

Great for teeth grinders and those with tension headaches. Suitable for all.

Indian Head Massage

improve posture and the condition of the skin and hair


Indian Head Massage is a wonderful stress-busting experience which can help improve posture and the condition of the skin and hair.

One to one therapy tailored to suit individual client needs.

Seated, fully clothed (oil is optional), Indian Head Massage works over the back, shoulders, neck, head and face.